The most dangerous places to stay on the Black Sea have been named

Rescuers of the Krasnodar Territory have listed the most dangerous places for recreation on the Black Sea. They said that the first place in the list is occupied by the “island” of Sujuk. It is located in the Tsemesskaya Bay of Novorossiysk and is a low rocky spit.

The head of the municipal rescue service of the city Alexey Oderov told “Komsomolskaya Pravda”that often tourists go there to take photos, but cannot return on their own.

“There are strong underwater currents along the trail that runs from the beach to Sujuk. And sometimes there is a surge wave due to the wind, ”he explained.

The second dangerous place is the Parus rock in Gelendzhik. It has an opening at a height of 2.5 meters.

“We kindly ask vacationers to be careful not to climb the rock, it is life-threatening,” the press service of Kuban-SPAS addressed the tourists.

Also, rescuers asked vacationers not to swim in the sea during a storm and not to go to the mountains without preparation.

The next dangerous place is the confluence of the Agur and Agurchik rivers in the Khostinsky district of Sochi. Communication is very poor there, so people who are not guided by the terrain are often lost.

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