“The Most Bizarre Question I’ve Been Asked: Janne’s Lost Identity”

Many prefer to forget old nicknames.

Janne Andersson has reason to miss his.

– Maybe I should still be called “The Professor”?

Because that was the nickname he listened to in the late 90s and early 00s. When the national team captain advanced from the role of assistant to head coach in Halmstad, he was presented as Janne “Professorn” Andersson in all newspaper articles.

For quite a few years he went by that nickname. Then it suddenly disappeared and now few people remember it. At Monday’s press conference ahead of the important EC qualifying matches against Belgium and Azerbaijan, Sportbladet asked what actually happened to the “Professor”?

– Haha… I have received many strange questions, but this is probably the strangest.

“Thought and thought”

He nevertheless tells us briefly about the background.

– When you say it, I remember it. I don’t know why I was called that, but it was probably because I was in the background in Halmstad for many years. So I was there and thought and thought.

On the other hand, Andersson seems to have a good eye for the old nickname.

– I myself think that I am incredibly brilliant, so maybe I should still be called the professor? concludes Andersson with a twinkle in his eye.

Sweden plays Belgium on Friends Friday 20:45

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