The most beautiful Czech pharmacist Jana Doleželová: Did she get engaged to another millionaire?

Miss Czech Republic from 2014 Jana Doleželová is celebrating her 41st birthday and is surprised that our most beautiful pharmacist is still single. But it seems that she has finally found her life partner and it is definitely not a poor person again.

The beautiful dark-haired Jana Doležalová has never had a poor man by her side, and even though she can earn money on her own thanks to her education, she does not hide the fact that a man should take care of a woman. After dalliances with Karel Janeček and other rich businessmen, the founder of Penta Trading, Pavel Matoška, ​​appears by her side already some Fridays.

Jana loves beautiful jewelry, and when she appeared at the premiere of the film Unknown Unknown a few months ago, a beautiful sparkling diamond ring appeared on her left ring finger. It was more than clear that it was from her boyfriend. However, the pharmacy kept a secret about whether she was engaged.

“For the premiere, the dress code was creative black tie, so I had very bold jewelry,” she said Flash.

The pharmacy is lying about the engagement ring

Although she claimed to journalists that if she had a wedding, they would certainly know about it, but we know celebrities how they try to keep these matters a secret. According to Blesk, Jana already has a wedding date. So let’s hope it works out this time and Doleželová doesn’t end up in vinegar again.

At the same time, the former model has already been asked to marry her twice, and the expartners certainly did not skimp on her wedding rings. The first to swing was mobile businessman Richard Podroužek, with whom Jana had lived for eight years and who seemed to be the love of her life. This was followed by a relationship with the father of Veronika’s daughter, David Trunda, general manager of football club Slavia, whom she did not have time to marry, and the couple broke up despite having a child together.

Billionaire Janeček publicly embarrassed her

Then came the relationship with billionaire Karel Janeček, who publicly shamed her. According to her words, the poor woman had no idea that believers of bigamy warmed the bed with women other than just her. At the time, during an interview with the media, the billionaire bluntly admitted that he had more women and Doleželová was definitely not the only one. Jana didn’t breathe a sigh of public humiliation and Janeček got the boot.

Jana figures as a representative of Říčany, so it is likely that she met her new partner at public meetings. Matoška is also a representative in the same municipality. So hopefully this time the beauty will be successful and after forty she will finally end up under the cap.

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