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Ferrari presented a new modification of its “Junior” supercar Portofinowhich replaced the California T three years ago. Now the roadster has received a version called Modificata – with a more powerful engine and an upgraded gearbox.

The output of the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine was increased from 600 to 620 horsepower (peak torque remained at the same level – 760 Newton meters). The unit works with a new eight-speed robotic transmission with improved clutch, which replaced the seven-speed “robot”.

Ferrari Portofino Modificata is capable of gaining the first “hundred” in 3.45 seconds, which is 0.05 seconds. faster than the regular version. Acceleration from standstill to 200 km / h takes 9.8 seconds, which is 1 second. less than the standard Portofino. The maximum speed remains the same – 320 km per hour.

The supercar received an upgraded exhaust system, a brand new generation E-Diff rear differential, as well as F1-Trac traction control, which help the driver control slip.

Externally, the Ferrari Portofino Modificata can be distinguished from the standard car thanks to a new front bumper with enlarged air intakes of a different shape, as well as aluminum elements in the radiator grille. The main update in the cabin is the addition of an additional seven-inch touchscreen display opposite the passenger seat, which allows you to control various functions of the car.

Portofino Modificata became the first Ferrari car to debut exclusively online – the live premiere was canceled due to security concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic. Prices and sales start dates will be announced later.

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