The more abs you get, the more weight you get?

Every time you finish your exercise you always do the abdominals. Which is absolutely right but doing the abs makes you lose weight? So the more abs you get, the more you lose weight? Let’s see immediately if it is true or false, and in case it should be false, let’s see which are the exercises that are really used to lose abdominal fat and which ones instead only strengthen the abdominal muscle.

The more abs you get, the more weight you get?

Unfortunately, doing the abs does not make you lose weight, what you often hear is a false myth: the more abs you do, the more sculpted you will have and goodbye the bacon. If you do the abdominal exercises you will have a sculpted physique but these do not make you lose weight.

Doing the abdominals increases the tone of the abdominal muscle and strengthens the muscle by improving posture, but they are not the right exercises to lose the fat that covers this area. Also, working your abs every day is not useful, because these too, like other muscles, need rest. So it’s best to train them 2 or 3 times a week.

What makes you lose weight then?

The real weight loss exercises are aerobic ones. For example running, cycling, but also walking. But when you do these exercises it is important not to do them at very high rates. For example, if one runs at very intense levels, what will burn are the ones sugars, which however give energy. The right move is to run at the same moderate speed for about 40 minutes. Then yes, fat will be burned.

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Obviously a very important part is given by nutrition. In fact, to lose weight it is necessary to combine the right type of training with the right diet, preferably made by a nutritionist or dietician. In fact, these specialists will create an ad hoc diet based on the client’s physique and requests.


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