The Mood-Dependent Venom Production of Funnel Web Spiders: Implications for Medicine and Pesticides

Spiders are one of the creatures in the world capable of injecting dangerous amounts of venom into the bodies of other creatures. There are sections of spiders themselves that carry venom that is even capable of killing humans. Funnel web spiders are one of the most deadly spider species.

A change in the severity of the poison

A funnel web is the name given to a genus of spiders. There are many other sub-categories within the Funnel Web category itself. The researchers studied venom production in four spiders belonging to this funnel web category. The researchers found that the spiders inject venom according to their mood while attacking the prey or the enemy. The spider’s heart rate, defense, and attack are all factors. The spider’s mood affects the body’s chemical production, which also causes changes in venom injection.

Insecticide from spider venom

One may wonder why the scientific world is investigating spiders’ venom production and their moods. Researchers say that pesticides and medicines can be made using the venom of this spider. Anti-venom for spider bites can also be made using this. If you can understand when the most venom is produced and in what mood the spiders are in, it will be very beneficial for making medicine.

The researchers conducted this study on Australian funnel spiders. Samples were collected from Border Range, Darling Down, Southern Tree Dwelling and Sydney. The researchers collected the venom from the spiders while they were hunting and attacking.

Border Range Funnel Spiders

The study found no correlation between the level of poison and their mental state in the three subgroups. But the researchers found this connection only in border-range funnel spiders. The amount of venom in these spiders varied according to their situation and mood. Although the amount of venom they inject is the same under different conditions, the composition of the venom changes. Thus, when there is a change in chemical composition, there is also a change in toxicity.

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At least 40 people a year seek hospital treatment after being bitten by funnel web spiders found in Australia. Among the funnel web spiders, male spiders of the Sidney species are responsible for the death of humans. But since the discovery of antivenom in 1981, no one has died from the bites of funnel web spiders.

English Summary: The World’s Deadliest Spider Can Tweak Its Venom Depending on Its Mood

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