The moments that defined our 2020 and saved the quarantine

It is normal that each time the end of the year approaches, we make some accounts about what we experienced and we are sure that in terms of the entertainment industry, these were the moments that defined our 2020 and saved the quarantine.

For this reason we wanted to gather some of the most important moments that thanks to pop culture this complicated year could be more bearable.

We did not know that the halftime of Super Bowl LIV would be a historical event in many ways, from the performance of Shakira and Jlo, their costumes, the guests on stage and of course, the memes.

Our quarantine would not have been the same, without the memes and how bizarre it was Tiger King. Ah! Not to mention the Carole Baskin song.

Gal Gadot and all the celebs who joined his cover of ‘Imagine’.

TikTok became the ‘2020’ platform thanks to this app we relived songs that became a trend, challenges, pieces of clothing, recipes and we cannot forget the ones that made us laugh the most such as’ El aguacate ‘,’ Mi pan ‘and’ Come on! come on! come on’.

Let’s not forget that Brad Pitt y Jennifer Aniston they met this year, twice! One of the moments that defined this 2020 was undoubtedly Zoom’s call between the ex-partner.

After much speculation and even the move to Los Angeles, Meghan and Harry left the royal family.

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Royal Wedding GIF by BBC - Find & Share on GIPHY

As for series and movies, we all talk about: The Last Dance, The Kissing Booth 2, Mulán y The Crown.

Jada and Will Smith’s Red Table Talk In addition to going viral, Will became the meme of the year.

Kanye West announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States and despite resigning, he obtained a couple of votes.

‘Emily in Paris’ from her looks, the chef and even the controversy of why she was not so good on social networks and how her work is not much like what is practiced in real life.

As for music, we know that this year is the official year of Harry Styles and our 2020 would not have been the same without the Watermelon Sugar High and Golden videos. As well as the pieces that went viral like his sweater, the pearl necklace and the clothes of Madga Archer X Marc Jacobs.

Taylor Swift released two albums in a single year, when we had not yet overcome Folklore ‘Evermore’ came with more songs for our winter blues.

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