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The moment James Bond was playing golf in La Manga

Last October, one of the most recognizable and iconic actors in history said goodbye to the 90 years: Sean Connery. He received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for ‘The Untouchables’, he was elected the sexiest man on the planet on several occasions and Queen Elizabeth II appointed him a Knight in 2000. However, if there is something that Connery will go down in history, It’s for James Bond.

Sean Connery starred in six movies as Agent 007, from ‘Dr. Not ‘in 1962 until’ Never say never again ‘in 1983, which despite not being an official Bond film (it is not produced by Eon Productions), it is in the popular imagination.

For many, Sean Connery is Bond and Bond is Sean Connery. In 1971, tired of the character after having already starred in four films such as 007, ‘Diamonds for Eternity’ was released, in which the Scottish actor once again got into the shoes of the secret agent, albeit with little desire, after a brief parenthesis with George Lazenby (who had starred in ‘007 in her majesty’s service’ in 1969).

It’s no wonder that when Connery visited the La Manga Club resort in 1972, everyone associated him with James Bond.

That same year, after just 11 months of construction work, this resort with two golf courses had been officially inaugurated, which was a novelty in the country. The project was carried out at the will of Gregory Peters, a Californian businessman. Quickly, this complex located in the Cartagena part of La Manga del Mar Menor attracted great international golf figures, both professionals and amateurs.

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Connery’s visit to the resort aroused great interest and he took advantage of the Spanish Film News (NO-DO) to talk about the inauguration of the golf courses. The actor attended a tournament in which professional players were accompanied by other amateurs, including Connery and other celebrities such as tennis player Manolo Santana, who years later would be the director of La Manga Club, or Sydney Chaplin, son of fellow actor Charles Chaplin.

Sean Connery can be seen playing golf and signing autographs in this NO-DO report available on the YouTube channel of the Murcia Film Library. From minute 4’45 ” of this compilation of information about La Manga, the news of the opening of the resort appears, and from minute 6’27 ”, James Bond himself can be seen in action, although, according to the voice-over of the announcer, 007 is much “more skilled with pistols than with golf.”

Interestingly, many years later, La Manga remains an attractive destination for characters from the Bond universe. Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen He has been seen in the area, although his visit was much more private than Sean Connery’s and, despite being an internationally recognized star, he passed as just another tourist. It seems that Mikkelsen, like many of his compatriots, is a lover of the sun and the beach and, like Connery also did, owns a house in Mallorca. Perhaps his participation in the film ‘Torremolinos 73’ by Pablo Berger in 2002 opened his eyes to the benefits of the Mediterranean region.

Mikkelsen left in ‘Casino Royale’ one of the most remembered interpretations of the James Bond saga thanks to his role as Le Chiffre, immediately becoming one of the favorite villains of the public. The 2006 film recovers the first novel by Ian Flemming, creator of 007, but with an updated version, influenced by the appearance of the online casinoHence, Bond and Le Chiffre play Texas Hold’em poker, which was the one that was beginning to become fashionable (in the original novel they played baccarat).

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‘Casino Royale’ was a radical change not only in Mikkelsen’s life, but also in the way we understood the Bond films. Daniel Craig, despite sharing an imposing physique with Sean Connery, is a very different James Bond from the one played by the Scotsman; seemingly simpler, the English Bond is more complex in character.

Like Sean Connery, Craig has confessed on more than one occasion to being somewhat tired of the character. The 53-year-old actor has assured that ‘No time to die’ will be the last installment he stars in.

This new film by Agent 007 comes seven years after the premiere of ‘Specter’, which was the fourth starring Craig. After a change in director, from Danny Boyle to Cary Fukunaga, and delays in the release date, it seems that ‘No Time to Die’ will hit theaters next September.

While we wait for the new adventures of James Bond, in one of the multiple cycles that the Filmoteca has programmed since it resumed activity, you can enjoy some of Sean Connery’s most iconic films within the ‘In memory: Sean Connery’ series.

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