The moment of the Argentine player evacuated by helicopter after the celebration of the champion of chaos

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Player Argentina evacuated by helicopter after the championship celebration World Cup 2022 in Buenos Aires it ended in chaos.

On Tuesday (20/12) at 11.45 local time the parade of the champions of the Argentine national team began in an open bus. The original plan was for the parade to last eight hours.

An extraordinary welcome from the Argentinian fans. As many as four million people took to the streets to celebrate La Albiceleste’s success in winning its third World Cup title.

This sea of ​​people then led to such chaos that the players and the coaching team had to be evacuated by helicopter. In an Instagram post ESPN, Lionel Messi and friends appear to complete this championship save using a helicopter.

Argentine players like Enzo Fernandez and Lisandro Martinez seemed to be watching from afar the sea of ​​people filling the streets of Buenos Aires using a helicopter.

“The world champion team flew over the entire course in a helicopter because it was impossible to continue on the ground given the explosion of joy from the public,” presidential spokesman Gabriel Cerrutti wrote on Twitter.

“Let’s celebrate in peace and show them our love and admiration.”

The parade of Argentine players using an open bus was originally supposed to end at the Obelisk monument, one of the monumental places in Buenos Aires. But the Argentine players’ championship march was halted and turned into chaos.

The Argentine federal police canceled celebrations citing security reasons after some fans attempted to jump on the team bus. The police then diverted the bus to Parque Roca, a park downtown, and picked up the players by helicopter.

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One of the footage circulating on social media shows two fans trying to jump onto an open-top bus. The moment occurred when the group’s bus was about to enter the tunnel under the bridge and then two fans desperately threw themselves off the bridge to get on the bus.

Other fans have even been seen climbing traffic lights, street light poles and bus stops to get a close-up look at the Argentina national team players.

Argentina won the 2022 World Cup after beating France on penalties in the final on 18 December.

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