The Moment of Haru Ria Ricis Kneeling at Father’s Grave


Since this morning, Saturday (5/6), Ric Ricci departed from Flores to Jakarta to visit the tomb of his father, Sulyanto bin Sastromartoyono, in the area of ​​Pesantren Tahfizh Daarul Quran, Tangerang.

Oki Setyana Dewi first arrived at the location with the family without Ria Ricis around 13.00 WIB. Ria Ricis went straight to her father’s grave from the airport.

Oki Setiana Dewi said that Ria Ricis was very close to her late father. Moreover, his late father stayed at home Ric Ricci.

“Ricis always tells stories to Papa. Moreover, Papa lives at his house (Ricis),” he said when met in the Cipondoh area, Tangerang.

Shortly after Oki Setiana Dewi came, Ric Ricci arrived in a yellow sports car. He was seen wearing a black hijab and dark glasses.

Without many words he immediately approached his brother who was waiting for him at his father’s tomb. Her family, who came to give a hug to Ria Ricis, looked like she was trying to be strong.

Ria Ricis continues to wear sunglasses. Seen the youtuber kneeling on the gravestone of his late father. He looked down while holding his father’s tombstone.

It looks like Ria Ricis is just staring at her father’s grave. Ria Ricis was late to find out that her father died because he was in Flores and it was difficult to get a signal.

Previous, Ric Ricci indeed poured out his sadness because he could not see the figure of his father at the end of his life. He only found out after his father’s funeral procession was over and tried to go straight to Jakarta.

Bismillah, I’m going back to Jakarta, to papa’s new house where he last rested,” wrote Ria Ricis showing her photo at Komodo Airport, Labuan Bajo.

He also plans to share the story of his journey in Flores with the deceased, which he believes will make him proud.

So I can’t wait to come home in the morning to meet papa’s new house… Dad, I’ll be playing tomorrow at home… I’ll tell you about my journey in Eastern Indonesia. Papa must be happy and proud!!! can’t wait to fix“Culled Ric Ricci.

The youtuber also thanked his friends in Flores and Labuan Bajo for paying attention to his condition before telling him the sad news.

Thank you very much to my friends in Flores and Labuan Bajo for your cooperation in keeping this news so that my condition last night was completely stable since coming down from Weirebo. Everything is really in perfect time,” said Ric Ricci.

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