the moment an Army helicopter almost crashed in Antioquia

A military helicopter that was transporting humanitarian aid for those affected by the winter in Santa Fe de Antioquia experienced an emergency in the last few hours when it hit an embankment that was improvised as a landing strip.

The incident occurred in the village of Laureles, a rural area of ​​the town, and a video recorded by the community shows how the aircraft is moved in the air by strong winds and collides with the runway, where it was about to flip over.

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The pilot’s expertise and his handling of the situation prevented the incident from ending in a tragedy.

According to information revealed by Caracol Radio, six people were traveling on the aircraft: four crew members, the mayor of Santa Fe de Antioquia, Felipe Pardo, and a CTI agent who was on a mission to inspect the body of a minor who died in the floods of the last Wednesday in that town.

The person involved is a Huey II aircraft with registration EJC 5411, which was taken to the Olaya Herrera airport in Medellín to be evaluated. It is expected that during this Thursday the Air Force will offer a more detailed explanation of the facts.

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