The modest granddaughter of Nikita Mikhalkov was published

19-year-old Natalya Mikhalkova went to the cinema with her father.

Artem Mikhalkov with his daughter Natalya at the premiere of the film “West Side Story”. Photo: KP / Boris Kudryavov.

On December 6, the Moscow Khudozhestvenny cinema hosted the premiere of Steven Spielberg’s new filmWest Side Story“. Among the stars who came to see the musical were the son of Nikita Mikhalkov Artem and his daughter Natalya.

Reporters paid special attention to the 19-year-old girl. After all, the granddaughter of the famous director rarely goes out and tries to lead a quiet life away from the brilliance of show business.

As writes “TVNZ”, The origin and striking appearance of the young beauty left no doubt that she would become a movie star or a famous model. But Natalia closed her pages on social networks from outsiders. In 2020 she graduated from school, and fans of the famous family do not even know which university the girl entered, not to mention her career plans.

Recall that 76-year-old Nikita Mikhalkov has 11 grandchildren and even already has a great-grandson. Earlier in a video about this stellar family was released.

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