The moderator’s last “hard but fair” question: “What is Frank Plasberg doing now?” – Panorama

In the latest edition of “Hart aber Fair” with Frank Plasberg, guests discussed the World Cup in Qatar. Photo: IMAGO/Panama Pictures/Christoph Hardt

The last show “Hart aber Fair” with Frank Plasberg discussed the boycott of the World Cup in Qatar. A comment about the “coup against Qatar” was resented by many viewers on Twitter.

In the latest edition of “Hart aber Fair” with Frank Plasberg things got hot again. The political talk show addressed the imminent appointment with the title: “Away in the desert: who can’t wait for the World Cup to arrive in Qatar?” Guests were Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, former national footballer Thomas Hitzlsperger, German Football Association (DFB) media director Steffen Simon, former United Nations Special Ambassador for Sport Willi Lemke and author of the “Spiegel/Spotify ” podcast “Ausverkauft – Qatar, football and lots of money” Tuğba Tekkal.

On Twitter, the main discussion was about farewell to moderator Frank Plasberg and his future. One user even created a poll titled “What is Frank Plasberg doing now?” Possible answers: podcast or cookbook.

Many users have thanked the moderator for exciting years.

As for the discussion on the World Cup, former SV Werder Bremen coach Willi Lemke, who spoke of a “swoop against Qatar”, had to face a lot of criticism. Many viewers failed to understand this comment about human rights violations in Qatar.

Some users also found Lemke’s argument that you deserved a few carefree weeks of football fun inappropriate.

In the eyes of some viewers, none of the guests present clearly stated their support for the boycott.

However, this would be the only right way for some users.

In addition to Lemke, Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has also had to suffer some criticism. Viewers noted that it was not their job to intervene in another country’s internal politics.

Others, in turn, criticized the lack of clear attitude and commitment to the World Cup.

On the other hand, Tuğba Tekkal’s request to the Minister of the Interior not to go to the World Cup was positively highlighted.

Her reference to the Women’s European Championship in the summer also earned her praise.

“Hart aber Fair” will be moderated by Louis Klamroth in the future. At the end of the show, he rather surprisingly left the scene and asked Plasberg, “Frank, now you have to give up some control.”

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