The model lawyer of the famous

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“Defending celebrities means double attention, because despite the fact that before the law we are all equal when it comes to celebrities, everything is magnified much more,” explains Dr. Arce, a native of Las Flores, province of Buenos Aires.

Lucas Matthysse, Karina Crucet, Yao Cabrera, Eloy Rivera, among his clients. Celebrities, now called influencers, look for her because she knows their codes, she is from her generation, she does not need to go on a television program to expose things. “Times have changed,” she says.

Human Rights Defender

“I am a lawyer, I have been working for more than 10 years in the public service. I started my career in 2011 in the General Auditor of the Nation (AGN) with Dr. Leandro Despouy, who was also President of the UN Human Rights Commission, so for me speaking the French language mainly and of course English, was a plus to start working in the Organization and collaborate in human rights issues,” said Mariana Arce.

Mariana Arce

Dr. Arce, who draws all eyes every time she walks through the corridors of the Courts, worked in the civil service and due to her profession had to travel a lot.

“I had to travel to different countries to represent Argentina in different Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) for years, mainly in Latin America and the Caribbean. Today I have continuous contact with ambassadors, and I continue to collaborate on human rights and environmental issues, since they have great global impact and importance, and a lot of self-interest,” he explained.

In addition, Arce assured that he likes to write: “I have written two novels, and I had the opportunity to write a section of the Book la Argentina Auditada”.

Today your account Instagram manages to be a law firm, due to the number of messages from clients and future clients that reach it: “Times change…”

Being a woman, a complicated task: “I went from being very young to working in a complicated environment, and unfortunately for women, because although it is changing today, thank God, it is still difficult. Of course there is a lot of abuse of power and in such high positions or positions everything becomes more vulnerable. I had many unusual proposals, which you could not believe. I believe that the important thing is to be clear about the goals and limits of each one… they instilled those values ​​in me and I was always loyal above all to myself. I always knew that there are two paths: the easy one and the difficult one… the second one costs more, and takes longer, but you get there with perseverance and commitment”.

Mariana Arce

Arce said that he went through many “complicated situations” and that he met people of great power and influence “who believe that this is enough and that everything has a price, I am very aware of that, and I always try to fight and I am a defender of women and their rights.”

“I am sure and every day I am convinced that power is momentary and is not what prevails in my life, I am proud to know that they never gave me anything, nor do I owe anything to anyone, it is my life motto ‘humility, work, effort and commitment…’ that wins, of course I understand the game too and I’m not innocent, but I set my limits”, he completed.

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