The mobster’s widow died. “There is no justice in this state,” she said

The widow of Antonín Běla, the king of the Romani underworld, died at the age of 77. In recent days, according to information News a Neovlivní.cz found by police officers in a villa in Úvaly near Prague. Apparently she did not die a natural death, however, foreign fault was ruled out.

She had a funeral this Monday, said the Neovlivní.cz server.

In the garden of the same house, which, by the way, Bělová tried to sell until recently, her husband Antonín was brutally executed in 1996 by hitherto unknown perpetrators.

Bělová fought for a long time to have her husband’s murder investigated. That’s why she performed publicly several times, and was one of the few women who decided to talk about what it’s like to live next to a mobster.

“I promised myself that I would do anything to punish them. I did that, “she said in an exclusive interview filmed by Seznam Zprávy four years ago, the widow of a powerful man who also collaborated with his godfather František Mrázek. At that time, the court definitively acquitted two defendants from Bel’s murder.

You can watch the whole report in the video above. The interview with Maria Bělová is approximately in the 10th minute.

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