The Mix 2023 in Los Angeles Cancelled Unexpectedly: Indie Gaming Showcase Disrupted

The summer gaming season in Los Angeles is in full swing, kicking off with Geoff Keighley hosting Summer Game Fest Live. While the Play Days event will kick off in a few hours, allowing media to check out and experience most of what’s on display live, media in Los Angeles will be infused with indie gaming on Friday morning (for those operating in the BST and CEST timezones) As The Mix event.

The event will see tons of indie developers showing off and hyping their projects, many of which were recently showcased to the world as part of the Guerrilla Collective showcase, and then allow the media, including me and David Caballero from Gamereactor Spain, to experience and speak with the talented Talk to the developers who make them a reality.

However, in a rather shocking turn of events, this year’s The Mix was canceled before it was ready to open its doors to the media. As for why, convener Media Indie Exchange tweeted the following statement.

“Tonight’s MIX event in Los Angeles has been canceled due to circumstances beyond our control. We have put in sweat and tears for this event and apologize for any inconvenience caused to our guests and developers. We will share more soon much information.

Gamereactor went to the event and was told that local authorities had come to the host venue and forced the Media Indie Exchange to close The Mix 2023 before opening its doors to the media and fans.

You can find our latestSee on Instagram StoriesA brief report from The Mix’s Gameactor.

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