The mint authority requests the 2 pound coin from the Arabic Language Academy

released Arabic language academyIn a statement, he explained that the public treasury and the mint, affiliated with the ministry of finance, had sent the complex a request for a referendum on the issue of a new Egyptian currency, the 2 pound coin.-

The Al-Khalideen Complex made it clear in its statement that, in its role, entrusted to it since its establishment in 1932, it is responsible for issuing fatwas and language consultations for all Egyptian state institutions, including judicial bodies, and ministries of the education, education, culture and information; This is because it is the supreme linguistic authority in Egypt and an integral part of the Egyptian state institutions that maintain the integrity and development of the Arabic language and make it adequate for the needs of science, knowledge and public life.

Among these institutions are the Treasury and the Mint, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Finance, which is always enthusiastic about the assembly’s referendum in the correct linguistic form for writing on coins. The complex received a letter from Major General Hossam Khader, head of the public treasury and the mint, in which the complex asked a question about the correct linguistic spelling of the word (£ 2) and guidance on the correctness of any of the following options which are linguistically suitable to be placed on one side of the new coin (2 pounds) Two pounds – 2 pounds – 2 pounds – two pounds – 2 pounds), with signs of correct linguistic training for the word that the assembly will choose to put on one of the sides of the aforementioned coin.

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The matter was referred to the Vocabulary and Styles Commission of the Academy, which concluded in the session of 09/25/2022 with a recommendation to approve (£ 2) to put it aside for the new coin, provided that the number (2) it is written above the word (Junihan) in the exact form; This is to facilitate the audience that they always use the number, and then write the exact word (Juneihan) in the form under the number; The choice therefore expressed the value of the currency mathematically and linguistically.

It is worth noting that the Central Bank of Egypt had previously asked the Council to clarify the correct linguistic spelling of the two £ 100 and £ 200 denominations.

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