The Ministry of Transportation Urges Motorists to Pass Pansela during the Day, Here’s the Reason


Ministry of Communications (Ministry of Transportation) appealed to motorists who wish to take the South Coast Route (Panel) selects the time of day. This is because there are still some road support facilities that are lacking.

“Even if road users currently want to use this route, it might be suggested during the day first. Use it during the day first,” said the Director of Road Traffic at the Directorate General of Land Transportation, Cucu Mulyana, to journalists in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region , Saturday (21/1/2023).

In addition, there are also found that the width of the road is considered insufficient. Motorists who really want to pass the Pansela Route are advised to be careful.

“Given that the road is also on certain sections, there are still roads that are relatively less wide. So it takes caution from road users,” he said.

If the facilities that are considered lacking, such as the LPJU and traffic signs, are sufficient, people can be recommended to go through this route at night. The Ministry of Transportation will also coordinate with the police for security aspects before recommending this route to the public.

“When we have installed road equipment, especially LPJU (Public Street Lighting) and so on, then let’s say there is collaboration with the police, so we can recommend that to be used both day and night,” he said.

In addition, Cucu also suggested that vehicles passing through this route must be in top condition. Because there are still a number of winding roads and a lack of available workshops.

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“The criteria must be ensured that the vehicles that will pass through the Pansela route must be ensured that the vehicles are really prime. Because we can see that the workshops along the road are still relatively lacking,” he said.

For now, the Ministry of Transportation will continue to complete the lacking facilities on the Pansela Line. This is to anticipate motorists who will take this route to go home.

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