The Ministry of the Interior on the death of Mustafa Qassem: He received medical care .. He insisted on the

08:17 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Muhammad Al-Sawy and Alaa Omran:

The Ministry of the Interior revealed, on Tuesday evening, the details of the death of Mustafa Qasim, who holds American citizenship, after his hunger strike.

In response to the allegations made by some American circles regarding his death regarding the detention of the aforementioned since 2013, and his exposure to a mock trial, and its responsibility for the deterioration of his health, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior said: “Qasim” was tried before his natural judge with other defendants.

The spokesman added – in an official statement – that the verdict was issued for the release of those who were found innocent, and the condemnation of those who were found to be involved in terrorist acts such as burning property and attempting to kill, including Mustafa Qasim.

He explained that the convict received all aspects of health care during his sentence, in addition to receiving visits from family members and the American embassy.

The spokesman stressed that “Qasim” insisted on a hunger strike despite advising him on more than one occasion of the seriousness of his health condition, because of his diabetes, stressing the provision of all legal and medical measures to prevent him from harming himself, through the follow-up and care of the American embassy.

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