The Ministry of Finance wants 16 million euros in the medium-term budget for priority measures – in Latvia

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) wants 16 million euros in the medium-term budget from 2021 to 2023 for priority measures, the ministry informed.

Over the next three years, the Ministry of Finance wants an additional 5.7 million euros from the budget to streamline the operations of the State Revenue Service (SRS), based on modern analytics solutions and a modern platform for data storage.

EUR 1.9 million is required to provide a “check lottery”. The Ministry of Finance explained that the aim of this measure is to promote fair competition and voluntary compliance with tax obligations, combat tax fraud and encourage buyers to request checks, receipts and tickets for goods purchased and services received in the territory of Latvia.

An additional 200,000 euros is needed to promote Latvia’s involvement in projects financed by the European Union’s (EU) external action instruments. The aim of this measure is to provide methodological support to public administration institutions in the preparation of project applications and project administration, as well as informative support to civil society organizations and businesses interested in participating in the implementation of projects financed by EU external action instruments.

In turn, 600,000 euros are needed to modernize the management of the public administration internal audit function and increase the capacity of auditors. According to the Ministry of Finance, the aim of this measure is to reduce the administrative burden and optimize the management processes of the internal audit function in ministries and institutions, as well as to streamline the management of public administration functions by modernizing public administration internal audit functions.

The Ministry has also submitted one cross-sectoral priority measure “Increasing the capacity of the border crossing points” Silene “and” Pāternieki “”, which aims to increase the capacity of border crossing points to improve the management of increasing traffic, ensure fast and convenient border crossing and effective control and the protection of the EU customs border. An additional € 7.9 million is needed to implement this measure.

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It has already been reported that, in total, the ministry wants an additional 1.8 billion euros for the implementation of priority measures in the 2021 budget. The same amount is requested in the 2022 budget, but in the 2023 budget, the ministries want 2.14 billion euros for the implementation of priority measures.

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