The ministry does not intend to apologize for Zeman, the dispute over Peroutka is heading to the Supreme Court

ČTK found out about the appeal from the Infosoud application. If the Supreme Court complied with this request, the ministry would not have to apologize to Peroutka’s granddaughter until the appeal decision was made.

At the beginning of July, the Prague City Court ordered the ministry to apologize to the journalist’s granddaughter Terezia Kaslová for the president’s disgraceful and untrue statements that her grandfather was the author of the article “Hitler is a gentleman”. The apology must be sent by letter to the Office and also published on its website. The apology period is due to expire on Tuesday.

Kaslová is also preparing to file an appeal, demanding a broader apology for the president’s other statements.

The ministry filed the appeal on Thursday. It was sent both to the District Court for Prague 1, which ruled on the dispute in the first instance, and directly to the Supreme Court, which will now decide on the motion for suspension of enforcement. “The appeal was submitted in a blank form and its wording will be supplemented within the statutory two-month period,” said Zdeněk Vojtěch from the press department.

The Ministry has previously announced the probable filing of an extraordinary appeal. “We have long believed that a public speech by the President of the Republic cannot be considered maladministration under the Act on Compensation for Damage Caused in the Exercise of Public Power,” the spokesman explained.

There are more apologies for the president

He jumped out that the ministry has an appeal argument more or less prepared from the case of former Zeman’s adviser Zdeněk Šarapatka. In it, the office is to apologize for the president’s false statement that he fired the man for incompetence. In the Sharapatka dispute, the ministry also asked the Supreme Court to postpone enforcement and the court granted it.

Zeman made his remarks about Peroutek in January 2015 at the Prague Forum on the Holocaust, where he spoke about the failure of intellectuals in a crisis situation such as the rise of Nazism. He claimed that the journalist published an article “Hitler is a gentleman” in the magazine Přítomnost. He later told a news conference that he had seen the text with his own eyes. However, the castle could not be found in the archives, according to historians.

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