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Bang effect around Ukrainian refugees in Austria. Social Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens) calls for them to be included in social assistance.

In Austria, Ukrainian refugees are covered by basic services. This varies according to the federal state and the type of accommodation, private or organized. Let’s take the example of Tyrol: there, with private accommodation, there is a monthly allowance of up to 260 euros for adults, up to 145 euros for minors, up to 330 euros for families (from two people) and up to 165 euros for individuals as a monthly rent contribution, 200 euros per child and year for school supplies, 150 euros per person per year for clothing assistance and access to health insurance.

No more cars! Tough rules for Ukrainian refugees elsewhere

In the case of organized accommodation, Tiroler Soziale Diensten GmbH receives a daily rate of up to a maximum of 21 euros and pays for the accommodation and food for the refugee in return. A further distinction is made between full-service housing and self-sufficient housing. With full provision, there is a monthly pocket money of 40 euros per refugee, with self-sufficiency a daily meal allowance. In addition, there is also the aforementioned subsidy for school materials (200 euros), aid for clothing (150 euros) and access insurance for organized accommodation.

“There must no longer be prohibitions on thinking”

The big refugee problem: With few exceptions, they are not allowed to work until a decision has been made on their asylum application, which can take years. And even those who can work through an exception, for which it is valid that one can only earn a very small amount, so that the basic service is not reduced. Now, however, Social Affairs Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens) is giving people pause by demanding that there should be social assistance instead of basic services for Ukrainian refugees – and that they should also have access to the labor market.

In an interview with the “Standard” Rauch now says: “There must be no more bans on thinking. I think that the right to social security is a good way to integrate Ukrainians more easily into the labor market.” AMS head Johannes Kopf also spoke in favor of this, and Labor Minister Martin Kocher (ÖVP) “approached”, it was said. The reason could also be the obvious shortage of employees in Austria, for example among the nursing staff, where there are people from non-EU countries in need.

“We need you, you are welcome”

Rauch on this in the “Standard”: “For decades, Austria has given the impression: stay out. Those countries will be attractive that convey to the people: we need you, you are welcome.” With access to social assistance, cash aid for Ukrainian refugees would also increase, to a maximum of around €978 per month for individuals and a maximum of around €1,369 per month for couples.

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