The Minister of Health refers the directors and deputies of Abu al-Manga Hospital and the Nile Health Insurance Institute for investigation

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Minister of Health Today, Thursday morning, residents made a surprise visit to a number of medical facilities in Qalyubia Governorate, which included (Abu Al-Manga Al-Markazi, Nile Health Insurance, Qalyub Specialist), in order to determine the quality of health services provided to citizens, and to follow up on the regularity of workflow, coinciding with the holiday celebrating Police Day. .

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar began his sudden visit Abul Manga Central HospitalWhere he directed that the director of the hospital, his deputy, and a number of doctors, nursing teams, administrative staff, and technical workers absent from work be transferred to an investigation, in light of the discovery of the distribution of daily shifts for the hospital, which led to irregular workflow in its natural way, and the patients not receiving their medical and treatment services, as well. He directed that a report be prepared urgently, on the number of medical services, the number of patients, in addition to the number of medical staff members in full, with the aim of urgent evaluation and follow-up of the hospital.

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, indicated that the minister inspected the departments (intensive and intermediate care, blood bank) in addition to inspecting the observation and reception rooms. He also visited the emergency and operations building, and directed to raise the efficiency of all medical and non-medical departments, and to conduct periodic maintenance of medical devices. In a way that contributes to raising its efficiency and improving the service provided to hospital visitors, and directed to increase the number of cleaning workers to provide a clean and safe environment for patients.

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And he continued that the minister completed his tour inside the Nile Hospital for Health Insurance, where he immediately directed that the hospital director and his deputy be transferred to the investigation for their absence from work, as the minister discovered during his tour that the CT scan room was completely closed, adding that the minister was keen to inspect the (reception) departments. , emergency, internal observation for men and women, incubators for children) in addition to the dialysis unit, and looked at the frequency rates for these hospitals, as it was found that they are less than their normal rates.

Abdel Ghaffar added that the minister concluded his inspection tour in Qalyubia Governorate, from inside Qalyub Specialist Hospital, where he praised the regularity of the medical teams working in the hospital at the hour, in addition to his praise for the medical service provided to those who frequent the hospital. Its beds consist of 16 beds, in addition to incubators, which include 7 incubators equipped with the best and latest medical equipment, directed to raise the medical efficiency of some departments according to development schedules, and to review the hospital’s finishing works.

The official spokesman of the Ministry stated that Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar was keen to inspect the internal rooms of the three hospitals, and to check on the health status of the residents, and the extent of their satisfaction with the quality of medical services provided to them, wishing them a speedy recovery, and he also stressed during his tour the importance of communication between the hospitals affiliated to the Ministry and all Other bodies entrusted with providing health services, to achieve integration and meet the needs of all medical specialties, in order to ensure the regularity of the work of the Egyptian health system.

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