the Minister of Health “ask the French to put the mask back on transport”

“I would not go as far as the obligation but I (the) request. It is almost a civic duty (in the face of) this recovery” of the epidemic, said Brigitte Bourguignon this Monday evening.

While France is currently affected by a rebound in the Covid-19 epidemic, the Minister of Health Brigitte Bourguignon “asks the French to put the mask back on transport“, she said on RTL this Monday evening June 27th.

«I would not go as far as the obligation but I ask (it). You only have to look at a crowded station hall or train to know that you have to protect yourself and others. It’s almost a civic duty“, she added, referring to the wearing of the mask in all “closed places». «We have to be very careful with this recovery.“. Around 60,000 new cases of Covid are currently detected every day in France. Last Friday, 79,262 cases were reported by Public Health France.

The fourth dose for all “will probably come»

She also reiterated her call for a new vaccination booster with the fourth dose for certain categories of the population. “I am appealing for people who have not used it to do so very quickly“, she said, citing the over 60s and immunocompromised people. Pr. Alain Fischer, president of the council of orientation of the vaccine strategy, called Sunday these people to be made administer their second booster shot.

In this regard, Brigitte Bourguignon indicated that we “will probably cometo a fourth dose of vaccine for all. The minister, who is expected to step down with the announcement of a new government, is waiting for “probably Thursday» the delivery of the mission on emergency services entrusted to the president of the association Samu-Urgences de France, François Braun. Then there will bemeasures that we are taking for the summer, which will be announced next week I think and more permanent measures afterwards because we have to work with the territories“, did she say.

Faced with the rebound of the epidemic, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne will also chair a meeting on Tuesday on the subject of Covid with regional health agencies and prefects. This Monday, 15,099 Covid patients are hospitalized, including 880 in critical care.

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