The Minister of Finance and the Minister of Health in the United Kingdom are resigning – VG

GETTING OFF: Minister of Health Sajid Javid and Minister of Finance Rishi Sunak announce that they are resigning. Photographed here with Boris Johnson in 2021.

On Monday night, two of Boris Johnson’s ministers announced that they were resigning. In the letters of resignation, they come with harsh criticism of the Prime Minister.


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Sajid Javid resigns as Minister of Health. He writes this on Twitter, where he also says that he has told it to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

– It has been a great privilege to have this role, but unfortunately I can not continue with a clear conscience, he tweets.

He has also attached the letter of resignation which he has sent to the Prime Minister.

– It seems clear to me that this situation will not change under your leadership, and you have therefore lost my trust, he writes in his letter of resignation.

– We may not always have been popular, but we have been good at acting in line with the country’s interests. Unfortunately, under the current circumstances, the public has concluded that we are now none of the parts, Javid writes.

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, who has previously been seen as a possible prime ministerial candidate by the Conservatives, also announced on Twitter that he was resigning.

– I am sorry to leave the government, but have reluctantly come to the conclusion that we can not continue like this, the Minister of Finance writes in his letter of resignation, which he has also shared publicly.

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GETTING OFF: Minister of Health Sajid Javid and Minister of Finance Rishi Sunak announce that they are resigning. Photographed here with Boris Johnson on February 3, 2022.

Opposition leader Keir Starmer was also quick to comment on the news:

“It is clear that this government is about to collapse,” he said in a statement, according to Reuters.


Boris Johnson’s government has been plagued by several scandals in recent times. In April, it became known, among other things, that both the prime minister and Rishi Sunak had to pay fines for partying during the shutdown during the pandemic.

In the wake of the so-called “Partygate scandal”, a no-confidence motion was filed against Johnson in June within his own party, which he survived with a cry of distress.

Last Thursday, Tory leader Chris Pincher was also suspended from the party after allegations of sexual harassment.

Johnson first said he was not aware of any of the allegations against Pincher when the latter was promoted to party in February.

On Monday, however, it became known that the prime minister was familiar with “rumors and speculations” about the former party whip about sexual harassment, but that they were considered “unfounded”, writes BBC.

In April, Tory politician Neil Parish also had to resign as a parliamentarian after admitting to watching porn during two meetings in the British House of Commons.

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