The millionaire Panev – a green expert on spending pensioners’ money

Vladislav Panev

The MP systematically talks about inequalities, but has an impressive property status

MAlthough Vladislav Panev is one of the few politicians who systematically raises the issue of inequality, his words contrast with the declaration submitted in 2020 in KPKONPI, while he is still a municipal councilor. It is clear from it that Panev and his wife Tanya have 6 apartments, 4 of which are in Sofia, one in his native Dimitrovgrad and another in the city of Tilburg, the Netherlands. Three of the ecologist’s homes are in the Vazrazhdane district of Sofia.

It is clear from the declaration that the green MP has a shop in Simeonovgrad, bought in 2017. His wife Tanya has an apartment in Dimitrovgrad, and separately they have a plot of land in the village of Golema Rakovitsa. Vladislav Panev is also the owner of 2 decares of forests in the Haskovo village of Merichleri.

The most interesting for his investments in shares, which are worth a total of BGN 2,882,792 (according to his property declaration).

Who it really is

the overthrown

Vladislav Panev

– the ever-smiling MP from the Democratic Bulgaria coalition and co-chair of the Green Movement – part of the union?

Born in 1976 in Dimitrovgrad, the green activist began his career in 1999 as a financial reporter for the Banker newspaper, and a few years later moved to Dnevnik. Then in 2006 he started the business in the field of finance and real estate, obtaining a license as an investment consultant and professional investor.

In the meantime, he has published analyzes of economic and environmental issues in the Bulgarian and international press.

In time, he will take over the department “Pension Reform and Labor Market” within the newly formed in 2018 coalition “Democratic Bulgaria”, which includes the parties “Yes, Bulgaria” by Hristo Ivanov, “Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria” by Gen. Atanas Atanasov and the Green Movement (then the Greens). Probably

because of his experience

with transactions

on the stock market,

in which pension funds participate, in which there is money for the so-called second pension.

Before that, however, he was a municipal councilor in the capital, where, according to his biography on the website of the DB, “for one year in opposition managed to push decisions to reduce the patent tax on accommodation by 90%, to liberalize the regime of entry by bicycle and scooter in public transport, for deferred payment of the annual transport card ”.

Like most members and supporters of the DB, Vladislav Panev is known for his activity in social networks – it is through his Facebook profile that he constantly appeals for the preservation of nature, which in his opinion

is cut and


from a handful of oligarchs

In 2020, Vladislav Panev discovered the construction of Rumen Gaitanski – Wolf on the territory of the state hunting farm “Iskar”, which the prosecutor’s office has already ruled to be illegal.

Although the world’s green movements are originally left-wing and socialist, in its program the Green Movement condemns the “communist criminal regime” and even proposes a change to the “current post-communist constitution.”

He is registered as a professional investor in the Financial Supervision Commission and owns three investment funds. (24 hours)


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