the Métropole de Lyon launches its winter maintenance system

Be careful on the roads next night.

Update : The Métropole de Lyon announces the launch of its winter maintenance system. “Road treatment will begin at 2am tonight“, specifies the community that speaks of an arrival”of snowfall at the beginning of the night, which can be maintained locally on the higher streets of the Northwest of Metropolis“.

Article initial: Météo France placed the Rhône on orange alert for snow and ice on Monday afternoon. The surveillance starts from midnight and will continue until Tuesday at noon.

A perturbation is underway in the southern half of the country, with the risk of slippery phenomena in the evening in contact with the cold air temporarily facing the south of the Massif Central, then more markedly in the centre-east.“, explains Météo France in its warning bulletin.

Note that the Loire and the Allier are also affected by this orange vigilance against snow and ice. The departments of Haute-Savoie, Ain and Saône-et-Loire are also expected to go on orange alert in the next few hours.


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