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The GF Vip censored Natalia Paragoni who had gone outside the house to speak with Andrea Zelletta. Here’s what she wanted to tell him.

Natalia Paragoni (Screen from the video)

Natalia Paragoni she remained a little silent during this experience of Andrea Zelletta, her boyfriend, al GF Vip. The former suitor has repeatedly revealed that she has no intention of doing the show, as this is her partner’s experience and not hers and it is right that the small screen audience focus on him and not theirs. history.

Too bad that the public did not take so much sympathy with Andrea, who made a slip on the mothers of the house, who does not seem to be interested in the dynamics of the program, so much so that together with Tommaso Zorzi he renamed it “bedside table”, just to underline his little activity in the reality show of Alfonso Signorini.

The girlfriend, after defending him on Instagram, decided to take action and go outside the most spied house in Italy to bring a message of encouragement to her boyfriend. Too bad, however, that things did not go as expected and the production chose to turn up the volume of the music to not allow Zelletta to listen to his words. So much so that the latter did not even notice his presence.

The GF Vip has censored Natalia Paragoni, but here’s what she revealed on social media just before taking action, which certainly didn’t go as hoped.

Natalia Paragoni defends Andrea Zelletta at GF Vip: “It’s not a bedside table”

andrea zelletta bedside table
Andrea Zelletta (Screen)

Natalia Paragoni, as anticipated, he wanted to defend his partner, who was accused by the public from home and by some competitors as a bedside table, not very reactive to the dynamics of the Big Brother Vip, stating that he is certainly not a simple piece of furniture is showing himself for what he really is and he does not like to take part in discussions just to get noticed.

“In recent weeks I have decided not to expose myself so much, ignoring both criticisms and compliments, because I believe it is right from the point of view to let Andrea live this experience without me being able to influence him in any way” the girlfriend of Andrea Zelletta, that she was ignored by him on several occasions.

“But now I have decided to break the silence. In what we are talking about a reality show and as such it should be considered and not as a job she was keen to clarify. “I am noticing that outside the house there is a certain fury towards him and I find it decidedly out of place and even excessive, given that whatever he says is targeted he explained on his Instagram profile.He behaves in the house as he would in real life. Of course, I realize that you may not like it but attacking him continuously on the basis of nothingness does not go down honestly “ he added.

If a person does not argue with others all the time, it does not mean that he is a bedside table or that he does not have a thought of his own. she explained. “He is simply not the kind of person who gets in the middle of discussing things that fundamentally do not concern him and he is certainly not the only one who behaves like this at home” he added and in fact it is also Enock was criticized for this reason. “It’s a question of character and I’m sorry because I know him and I know for sure that he is not a fake person like they are trying to pass”.

“He is simply himself and this is perhaps not good for the purpose of the game” he concluded Natalia Paragoni on Andrea Zelletta at GF Vip. “A reality show, for me, I repeat, means showing the public what it really is and this must not turn into a fault or obviously I misunderstood how things work” he added. “Instead, I wanted to thank those who continue to support him despite everything”.

Natalia Paragoni defended Andrea Zelletta, which unfortunately does not seem to have breached the hearts of the Big Brother Vip audience. So much so that not even Tina Cipollari did not remember him.

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