The men nodded in the Lagoon, and the police began to prosecute them for rioting

“We managed to reveal the identity of two men who were revealed to the public during the holidays in Přerov with the help of witnesses. Another joined them on Wednesday. In the evening, it was handed over to us by the city police officers after they were approached by one of the two victims, in front of whom the man was exposing and satisfying himself on the Lagoon, “described the Přerov police spokeswoman Miluše Zajícová.

Police began prosecuting the suspects in all cases for the crime of rioting.

“We continue to work on cases and thank the public for their cooperation in helping to identify suspects,” the spokeswoman added. According to the deputy director of the Municipal Police in Přerov, Miroslav Komínek, similar incidents increased in the summer.

“It’s certainly not pleasant when a person goes to work before six o’clock on a Monday morning and the first thing they see on the street is a repentant man. The witness immediately contacted the permanent service, which in turn contacted the nearest patrol. Because she was nearby, she arrived at the place in a short time, “Miroslav Komínek described one of the cases.

According to him, the man tried to disappear from the police, but the emphatic challenge and the fact that there was a dog in the company car eventually directed the pervert. “As more cases of morning reprimand have been reported to the public recently, we handed over the men after a detention to a Republican police patrol, who confessed to the crime. On Wednesday evening, after the announcement of witnesses, we detained another man in the Lagoon, “he added.

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