The Mediterranean diet is good for your health and your wallet

ROMA – The Mediterranean diet to gain health and save money, at a time when the economic crisis is making itself felt and the memory of the pandemic days is still very much present, increasing the desire to increase the immune system thanks to fruit and vegetables.

Six out of ten Italians say they have introduced it into their lifestyle because it is a healthy regime and 68% of the interviewees consider it decisive or useful for the prevention of food waste which every year in Italy is worth 15 billion of which 6.5 comes from dustbins of our homes. Daily waste of leftover food due to poor organization, lack of planning. The data of the Waste Watcher Last Minute Market / Swg, of September, tell it. Figures that testify how Covid-19, causing a strong economic crisis and greater attention to health, has had significant consequences on the nutrition of families; both in terms of purchase and consumption.

If in May fruit and vegetables remained among the most wasted foods, in early September the attention towards these foods on the part of consumers increased again. With ideas, hypotheses to avoid waste and unnecessary spending of money for food that then rot in the fridge ending up in the dustbin. For 2/3 it would be useful to divide fruit and vegetables into different quality categories to choose the appropriate type of product. This could reduce the waste of these foods.

And a few days from the first World Day for Awareness of Food Losses and Waste, which the United Nations has called for September 29, today a digital forum will be held that will take stock of the scientific findings that attest to the effectiveness of the Mediterranean Diet in perspective of sustainable development. It’s called “Not in my bin, not in my bin, in my trash. The Mediterranean Diet as a strategy for the prevention of food waste and losses “, an e-conference promoted by a pool of institutions engaged in food education, sustainability in agri-food production, and the circular economy: with FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and with the Permanent Representation of Italy to the United Nations, the Zero Waste awareness campaign, the University of Bologna and the FICO Foundation will be involved in the work. The conference proceedings can be seen on the Zoom platform starting at 3pm.

At the opening of the proceedings, moderated by the agroeconomist Andrea Segrè, founder of the Spreco Zero campaign and president of Fondazione Fico, the scientific popularizer Piero Angela will bring his greetings with a video intervention, while the intervention of Mario Lubetkin, Assistant to the Management will close General of the FAO. The first panel will be dedicated to the relationship between Mediterranean Diet and waste prevention, among the speakers the anthropologist Marino Niola, professor at the Suor Orsola Benincasa University. A further panel will be dedicated to food losses and waste in the context of the circular economy. The three finalists of the Vivere a #sprecozero 2020 Award, Mediterranean Diet category, will be announced during the forrum.

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