the medico-social workers of the Hélène Keller establishment cry injustice

They are agents of the hospital public service but work in an autonomous public establishment (EPA), as medico-social professionals with children and adults with disabilities. Unlike the majority of trades in the sector, EPA Hélène-Keller employees saw theirs being absent from the list of beneficiaries of the additional index treatment granted by the government under the Ségur de la Santé. ” This injustice must be removed. We are discredited. And yet just in time and always on the front line “, Formulated Eric Lorentz, of the CGT, this Thursday morning, in the middle of a group of about thirty people. For the first time since the ministerial announcement, he and his colleagues express their anger, rue Saint-Just, in front of the headquarters of the establishment with eleven services spread across the city (for about 250 employees), after a call to strike national inter-union.

« Not forgotten, excluded »

« We cannot say that we have been forgotten. Because the decree of September 19 clearly specifies that we are excluded from this grant of 183 monthly euros. While we are a minority », Emphasizes Rodrigue Gautier, SUD employee representative. ” This raises questions about how we are viewed. I fear that colleagues want to join services where the supplement is paid ”, Estimates Laure Michaux, who exercises the same functions in the union. ” This also raises questions in the consideration of the treatment of disability », Continues his colleague. ” It is a lack of recognition of our work, of our function », Supports Sandrine Tougard, secretary of the CGT Hélène-Keller section, for whom the health crisis has worsened already difficult working conditions. ” Those we support are in great difficulty, intellectual or physical. Our young people do not necessarily put on the mask. Those with autistic disorders find it very difficult to endure it. Others may drool, make braces. Distancing measures are difficult to respect », Insists the representative of a union demanding a salary contribution of 300 € for all.

Encouraged in the fight by a videoconference bringing together many French medico-social workers, on November 12, supported by a number of elected officials and by the French hospital federation – of which the establishment is a member – the two unions still want to mobilize in December. Knowing that their director, Clothilde Haritchabalet, whom they met yesterday at noon, supports the same cause. ” We are on a tiebreaker. It’s a first, she notes. This may pose difficulties, recruitment problems. People are looking to work elsewhere. They will find. However, these professions are already in tension », Adds the one who notably alerted Florence Thibaudeau-Rainot, deputy mayor of Le Havre in charge of health and president of the board of directors of the EPA.


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