The Medical Services of the Armed Forces announces the availability of 270 vacancies .. and reveals the required specializations and the method of application

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Medical Services of the Armed Forces announced the availability of 270 jobs for all qualifications in several regions, according to the details and application method shown below.

Available positions:

– Refrigeration technician.

Generators and air conditioning technician (two jobs).

General air conditioning technician (two jobs).

Electronics Technician (two positions).

Electrician (4 positions).

Heater operator (two positions).

Security guard (5 positions).

Senior Software Engineer.

Software developer.

Mechanical Technician (5 positions).

Plumber (two jobs).

Health technician (4 positions).

Quality Operations Development Specialist.

Materials Controller.

Catering specialist.

Medical gas technician.

– Mechanical Technician.

Bidding specialist.

– Carpenter.

– Mechanical Engineer.

Application developer.

Database administrator.

Architectural designer engineer.

– pharmaceutical.

Health technician.

– Factor.

Laundry operator.

– baby sitter.

– Technician Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

– Electronics Technician.

Medical gas technician.

– translator.


Language teacher.

Director of Finance and Budget Department.

Associate Professor of Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

Assistant Professor (Oral and Dental Health).

– Network Engineer.

Legal assistant.

Aircraft maintenance instructor.

Aircraft Maintenance Manager 125.


Motor winding technician.

– building.

– Driver (primary certificate and above).

Medical secretary.

Safety officer.

– accountant.

– master chef.

– warehouse guard.

Mechanical designer engineer.

Civil designer engineer.

Electrical designer engineer.

Systems Analyst.

Data production supervisor.

– Senior Vice President, Geriatrics.

Computer operator.

Preventive medicine consultant.

Pediatric metabolic disease consultant.

– Deputy Physician – Pediatrics.

– First Deputy Physician of Emergency Medicine.

Senior Physician – Rehabilitation Therapy Services.

Addiction psychiatrist.

Geriatrics consultant.

Fetal medicine consultant.

Consultant of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

A consultant physician for rehabilitation medicine services.

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Consultant of breast and endocrine surgery.

Upper limbs consultant – orthopedics.

Consultant – Pediatric Orthopedics.

Nursing jobs.

… and another.

Functional areas:



– Technique.

– a wish.

– Artistic.

– Healthy.

– medical.


– Academy.

Work places:

King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah.

Administration of Armed Forces Hospitals in Al-Kharj.

Armed Forces Hospital in the south, Khamis Mushait.

King Fahd Military Medical Complex in Dhahran.

Sharurah Armed Forces Hospital.

Armed Forces Hospital in Wadi Al-Dawasir.

Armed Forces Hospital in Jizan.

Najran Armed Forces Hospital.

Prince Sultan Center for Cardiac Diseases and Surgery in Riyadh.

Aeromedical Evacuation Department.

How to apply:

Through the following link: Press here

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