The media have learned what will be included in the eighth EU sanctions package

The European Union is gradually weakening the Russian economy

Industries that bring Russia 12 billion euros a year will fall under the new sanctions.

The new EU sanctions package against Russia will most likely not include restrictions on oil prices. This was announced by the European publisher of Radio Liberty Rikard Jozwiak in Twitter Sunday 25 September.

“As the G7 is still working on the details of the oil price cap, it will probably not be included in the EU emergency sanctions package against Russia,” he wrote.

Yozwiak added that there will most likely be sanctions against the chemical and metal industries, as well as metal products totaling 12 billion euros.

In addition, people involved in “referendums” in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine will fall under personal sanctions.

Reuters had already reported it a new EU sanctions package against Russia could be adopted at the meeting of the European Council on 6-7 October. At the same time, it was argued that to limit the price of Russian oil it will be in line with the step agreed by the G7.

In addition, the EU’s head of foreign diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said EU countries’ foreign ministers agree prepare new sanctions against Russia and increase arms supplies to Ukraine.

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