The mayor of Plovdiv overwhelmed: Death took away our priceless Darina!

My heart bleeds, one light goes to another, the mayor of Stamboliyski is ruined

The mayor of Plovdiv, Zdravko Dimitrov, cannot believe that the lawyer Darina Todorova, whom he relied on a lot, is no longer with us.

As we reported, she died yesterday of an embolism after a complication of COVID.

“The death of the invaluable Darina Todorova took us away. The loss is great when not only an exceptional professional but also an inexorable friend leaves our lives,” Zico wrote. Todorova worked with him when he was regional governor, and when he became mayor of Plovdiv, he sought her legal help again.

Dimitrov says that the boss of the 17th DEC has been with him for decades and has shared his ideas at work.

“But she was more than that – a bright person, solid character and possessing qualities that aroused admiration in the entire legal guild and her colleagues in the administration,” said the mayor.

On a day like this, when someone who has dedicated his whole life to the cause of public affairs leaves this world, we can only say, “Thank you.” Thank you for being with us, for having the honor of we know that your sincerity and truthfulness have always been your faithful companion and only judge.
You have left your mark on all of us. Your advice will always remind me that good people, although they do not always live as long as we want, leave messages that their contemporaries experience.
May your soul rest in peace “, Dimitrov mourns.

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The mayor of Stamboliyski, Georgi Maradjiev, also expressed his grief over the death of Darina Todorova. “My heart bleeds and cries! A light went to the light! You left without time, Dari, but you remain among us forever as the most devoted, true and good man and friend! This is the lawyer, thanks to whom we still shout is state property, “Maradjiev said. From the first to the last day she was with me “, the mayor of Stamboliyski is overwhelmed.

And the longtime director of the Humanitarian High School Sonya Kirkova wrote the following about Todorova: “My condolences to Tsvetan (the younger son of the lawyer) and the whole family! I did not believe the news of her death. The loss is huge!
A wonderful mother, a lawyer, a public figure. Long-term chairman of the Public Council of the Humanitarian High School “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”. I express my gratitude for the invaluable help and support to our team and high school! Darina was seething with energy and activity. It worked precisely, perfectly! It leaves behind a huge void and a lot of grief! I join all the mourners!
God forgive her and a lot of light on the way to eternity! Rest in peace!”

The funeral of Darina Todorova will be on January 17 at 11.00 in the Draganov Cemetery Funeral Home.


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