The mayor of New York is paid in cryptocurrencies

New York wants to become the global center of the small crypto world. To mark the occasion, the mayor of the metropolis announced that he would receive his first three checks in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The first just dropped!

No doubt, Eric Adams believes in it hard as iron. The new mayor of New York received the first of three checks for his salary as city councilor, which he had promised to cash in Bitcoin and Ethereum during the election campaign. At the time, that is to say last November, the markets were at their highest but since then they have melted by more than a third.

Attracting innovators

Not enough to worry the mayor of the big apple, who converted his check on the Coinbase exchange platform. Adams confirmed that he has full confidence in cryptocurrency: “New York is the center of the world, and we want to be at the center of crypto and other financial innovation.”

For Eric Adams, placing himself at ” the vanguard of crypto innovation will allow the city to create jobs, improve its economy and “ continue to attract talent from around the world “. What better symbol of this confidence in cryptocurrencies than a mayor who agrees to be paid in this way.

New York CFO Matt Fraser believes that technology helps bridge the digital divide. For him, the mayor’s gesture is an example of how people can manage their finances with more diverse options. Provided you have a strong stomach: cryptos are subject to prices that change overnight.

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