The mayor of Călinești (Argeș) has been detained / He is being investigated for the abusive use of the function for sexual purposes

The mayor of Călinești commune, Argeș county, Mihai Georgescu, was detained for 24 hours, being accused of the abusive use of the function for sexual purposes, IPJ Argeș announces.

“The arrest warrant was executed and the measure of detaining the suspect for 24 hours was ordered and will be presented to the Prosecutor’s Office with legal proposals. He was imprisoned in the Argeș Detention and Preventive Arrest Center, the Argeș police announce.

A 21-year-old woman claims that the mayor asked her for sexual favors in exchange for a job at her own office, informs Courier of the day from Argeș.

The young woman made public an audio recording during which a man, whom she claims to be the mayor, tells her what she offers and what she wants to receive in return.

The young woman was employed by a security and protection company that provides security at Călineşti City Hall. She claims that the mayor started making advances to her and offered to hire her in his office in exchange for sexual favors.

She made public a recording, in which she hears a man say to a woman: “If you want I can hire you in my office, I give you 35 million, you take me, you bring me, I don’t know this stuff, I give you free as much as you want, you make your life the way you want, if I need you too and I want to be with you for an hour or two a day, to be at my disposal… .I assure you everything you want, job stability, a good salary, I don’t know, premiums, everything you want, relationships, I take you to the good world, you didn’t want me to take you to the festival, all the good people were there, if it hurt your pussy and you considered that it’s better to go out with I don’t know which… ”emerges from the audio recording, according to Curierul zilei.

Photo source: Mihai Georgescu – mayor

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