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NASA / John Glenn Research Center
Saturn moonsTitanIsSolar systemThe only satellite in the world with a dense atmosphere (nitrogen)methaneHave a circulation. It is also the only celestial body other than the Earth whose existence of a stable liquid has been clearly confirmed.

 TitanLiquidmethaneIt has been confirmed that it is raining and the sea is present, but in the Arctic, “KrakenLiquid called “sea”methaneThere is the largest sea of ​​this satellite made of ethane, ethane and nitrogen.

Research at Cornell UniversitygroupEstimated its depth, the deepest part near the center was unmeasurable, at least300MeterIt was speculated that there was more than that.

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It was surprisingly similar to the earth.Mapping image of Saturn’s moon “Titan”

NASA is developing a robot submarine to explore the sea of ​​hydrocarbons on Saturn’s moon Titan

The mysterious surface of Saturn’s moon Titan is clear.NASA’s new photo of Titan showing the existence of ice deposits and the sea

Saturn’s moon “Titan” may be the extraterrestrial life that human beings should look for (US researcher)

Is it finally an encounter with the unknown?NASA’s new mission to search for life on Saturn’s moon Titan, which is likely to have a guy

Saturn’s largest satellite “Titan” surrounded by nitrogen gas

Saturn’s largest satelliteTitanIs wrapped in nitrogen gas and looks hazy.

However, under such clouds, a landscape like the earth is spreading.liquidmethaneThe river of ethane and ethane flows, and the lake and the sea are praised.

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The depth of oceans and lakes has been measured, but it is the largest ocean in the Arctic.KrakenThe sea wasn’t there yet.

The Kraken Mare, Titan's largest sea

TitanThe largest sea,KrakenSea / public domain/wikimedia

Analyze data from the Cassini spacecraft to explore the depth of the ocean

『Journal of Geophysical Research“(20 yearsDecember 11thThe research published in (Attachment) is based on the Cassini spacecraft.TitanAnd the lastflyCollected when making a buydataIt is an analysis of.

 Year 2014August 21Last offlyBye, CassiniTitanPassing 960 km above the sky at 20,900 km / h.At that timeradarWith an altimeterKrakenWith the seaMalayI tried to measure the depth of the cove.

Reflected on the surface of the waterradarAnd reflected on the seabedradarIf you calculate the depth based on the time difference ofMalayThe depth of the cove is about 85MeterTurned out to be.

HoweverKrakenIt is said that the sea was too deep to confirm the reflection from the seabed.KrakenThe seawater of the seaMalayIf it has the same ingredients as the cove,100MeterThat is all.At the deepest point300MeterIt was speculated that there was.


TitanOf the lake in the ArcticimageFigure / NASA/JPL-Caltech-

Component analysis of the Kraken Sea

furtherradarWas absorbed as it passed through the liquidenergyThe composition of seawater was inferred from the amount of seawater.

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According to it, seawatermethaneIt is made up of 70%, 16% nitrogen and 14% ethane, and was found to be similar to the second largest Ligeia Sea.

 KrakenIt has been thought that the ocean is very large and extends to lower latitudes, so it may have more ethane than other oceans. It seems surprising to researchers that they betrayed such expectations and were almost the same as other oceans.

This new fact isTitanWater systemmodelIt is said that it will be a clue to build.

Saturn's moon Titan

Saturn moonsTitan/iStock-

The origin of the mysterious methane

 TitanAbout the sea ofmethaneThere is a mystery as to where he came from.

 TitanThe sunlight that reaches the earth100It’s only about one-third, but it’s always contained in the atmospheremethaneContinues to change to ethane.1000By the time millions have passedTitanFrom the surface of the earthmethaneIs believed to be completely lost.

Referenthese:Astronomers estimate Titan’s largest sea is 1,000-feet deep/ written by hiroching / edited by throughum

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Saturn’s moon Titan has a maximum sea depth of at least 300 meters

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