the maximum alert is in the Maritime Alps, the curfew will start on Saturday –

It thundered so much that it rained: the Department of the Maritime Alps enters the scarlet zone, which means “alerte maximale” with a consequent curfew starting from Saturday 24 October from 9 pm to 6 am.

We had anticipated it this morning, the numbers of the infection and above all the shortage of intensive care beds indicated that Nice’s “relegation” to the maximum alert level was obligatory.

The surprise, if we can say so, is that confirmed by the Mayor of Cannes David Lisnard, immediately after being forewarned by the prefect, and that is the insertion in the area of ​​maximum alert for the whole Department.

The officialization will take place in the late afternoon by the government: the Prime Minister has called a press conference during which the “passage of a certain number of Departments on maximum alert”.

The definition of the collateral measures will be defined by the Prefect of Nice with its own ordinance in the next few hours and, starting from Saturday, a curfew period will begin in the Maritime Alps with consequent closure of shops, bars and restaurants starting at 21.

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