The Maternal and Fetal Health Initiative continues its work in the Sheikh Zuweid Center in North Sinai

The Sheikh Zuweid Health Administration in North Sinai announced that it will continue the initiative of the President of the Republic to “take care of the health of the mother and the fetus.” Dr. Mohamed Hassan, Director of the Health Department in Sheikh Zuweid, has passed and supervised the medical teams participating in the initiative, and followed up on the medical teams conducting early detection of infection with diseases transmitted from mother to fetus. The provision of treatment and health care free of charge, and early detection of infection with “B” virus (HBV(And HIV)HIVSyphilis for pregnant women, (TB).

Salama Riach, the Nursing Inspector at the Department, also continued training the nursing teams participating in the initiative, and Nadia Naguib, the supervisor of the women’s clubs in the administration, held a seminar to raise awareness about family planning methods, especially long-acting methods, and the benefits and advantages of these methods due to the long period that continues to be effective in the Abu Rifai center in Al-Kawthar district. Infection Control of the Department by holding a symposium on standard precautions to combat infection for home isolation for nursing teams in the Department.

Health centers in North Sinai continue to benefit women from the presidential initiative “to take care of the health of the mother and the fetus.”

And the Health Directorate in North Sinai announced that the initiative will continue to early detection of diseases transmitted from mother to fetus, and to provide free treatment and health care in all basic health care centers in North Sinai.

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The initiative aims at early detection of infection with HIV, HIV and syphilis for pregnant women, in addition to reducing maternal deaths from these diseases. A referral center for B virus and HIV has been designated, in addition to a referral center for syphilis patients. In addition to referring cases with high blood sugar or other risk factors detected to complete the evaluation and treatment in hospitals.

The statement of the North Sinai Health Directorate indicated that the medical teams began their work and the necessary equipment and supplies were provided according to the number of pregnant women in each unit, and that work continues throughout the official working days from eight in the morning until two in the afternoon.

Intisar Sarri, general coordinator of the initiative, stated that the initiative is sustainable within the services of health units and maternity and child centers, within the framework of activating and improving the quality of routine services provided by maternal and child care, including conducting a clinical examination to assess the general condition of the pregnant woman and the fetus and to discover risk factors that may accompany pregnancy, and vaccination against Tetanus, measuring height, weight, and blood pressure, and performing various tests necessary to detect anemia, or to determine the mother’s need for an injection Anti-D After birth or not, in addition to a complete urine analysis to detect albumin and urinary system diseases, the necessary micronutrients are dispensed during pregnancy and also follow up the condition of the mother and newborn for a period of 42 days after the end of pregnancy to discover risk factors for the mother or the whole newborn, and take appropriate measures in addition To dispense the necessary micronutrients during the postpartum period.

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