The mastermind behind the beheading of supporters of the Prophet’s insults was arrested by the police


The murder case of a Hindu man who supported the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politician who insulting the Prophet Muhammad, find a bright spot. Indian police have arrested the main mastermind behind the beheading.

Reported Reuters, Saturday (2/7/2022), this case resulted in increasingly tenuous relations between Hindus who are the majority and Muslims who are minority in India. This condition has made the Indian authorities prohibit gatherings and temporarily cut off access to the internet, in order to prevent sectarian riots.

The announcement that two Muslim men were detained on suspicion of plotting to kill a Hindu tailor was made yesterday by three senior Udaipura Police officials at the scene.

To note, previously arrested two other Muslim men, who had already been detained by the police. Two Muslim men were previously arrested after the heinous crime took place, inside the victim’s sewing shop in Udaipur, last week.

Udaipur itself is a popular tourist destination filled with lakes and hotels.

“We have now arrested the two main masterminds and previously we have arrested the two men who carried out this heinous crime,” senior Udaipur Police official Prafulla Kumar said in a statement.

Kumar continued that internet services were gradually being restored and security forces were on standby following the killings. Previous reports said the victim was beheaded with a large knife by the two perpetrators, who recorded the heinous act with a camera and uploaded the video online. online.

The killers said their heinous act was a response to the victim’s support for Nupur Sharma, the politician and BJP spokesman who was sacked from office after sparking controversy with his remarks. insulting the Prophet Muhammad in local television debates.

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