the masks sold in supermarkets such as Colruyt, Aldi, Carrefour… are they really effective? The top 5 in terms of quality

In order to enlighten consumers on the quality of masks sold in department stores, the DH has produced a top 5 based on the filtration capacity of these masks.

The first, at the top of the ranking, is the mask sold at Albert Heijn, the Dutch supermarket chain. It was HLN who tested the masks sold in this store, and it turns out that they are the best, since they allow a filtration of 86% of the particles. “The masks are tested by Triplex Precision Medical Devices Company and meet European standards. The information that we mention on the packaging reflects the results of tests carried out at the request of the supplier by an external and independent body ”, said Ann Maes, spokesperson for Albert Heijn.

In second position come the masks sold at Delhaize and Lidl, which offer 80% filtration. They have been tested according to the Centexbel ATP protocol. “Our disposable masks are tested according to European standards. Type 1 surgical masks are tested by an approved Belgian body, which has certified that they meet all standards, ”said Lidl spokesperson Julien Wathieu.

Third, the masks from Aldi. They allow 43% filtration of particles and are manufactured by the Chinese firm Jiangsu Lianyu Medical Equipment. Aldi clearly notes on the packaging of the masks that it is not a medical device or a means of personal protection. “These disposable masks are designed to prevent particles from being projected by the wearer and thus protect others. It’s not a way to protect yourself, ”explained Jason Sevestre, Aldi spokesperson.

In penultimate position come the masks sold at Colruyt, which can only filter 37% of particles. “Disposable masks are tested according to the ATP protocol by Centexbel. They meet the standard for surgical masks. These are high-quality, surgical-type masks which meet all the requirements of this type of product, ”says Silja Decock, spokesperson for Colruyt. Here too, the brand specifies all the same that these masks are not surgical but that they are comfort masks.

In last position come the masks from home Carrefour, which allow 30% filtration of particles. They remain compliant with European standards but their filtration capacity is the lowest, according to the test carried out by HLN.



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