The Masked Singer, revealed who is behind Blue Tiger and Giraffe: someone had guessed

New identities unveiled a “The Masked Singer”, the Friday night show of Rai 1 conducted by Milly Carlucci whose format it was imported from Korea. The VIPs behind the shout of “off the mask” Blue Tiger e Giraffa they came out. The former lost the playoff with Baby Bear early in the evening and surprised everyone when he took off his bulky head. Patty Right he had guessed the truth last episode, but just yesterday he changed his mind at the suggestion of Flavio Insinna, convinced that under the Tiger there was Massimo Lopez. And instead it was Mauro Coruzzi, in art Platinette. Under the Giraffe, however, Katia Ricciarelli.

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The Masked Singer, who is behind Blue Tiger and Giraffe

No surprises for Giraffe. Many had understood that below the regal and demanding mask there was the famous opera singer. Many were ready to bet and guessed right. In contention there was also Romina Power, but the first to have doubts about it was her ex-husband To the bathroom, guest of the program after the performance with the Lion, much loved mask of the first edition.

The Masked Singer, the contestants

Under the disguise of Giraffe there was just Katia Ricciarelli. Clues such as binoculars that are used in the theater or the fan are also useful. The artist enjoyed singing recent hits and living an alternative experience. She admitted that in her 50-year career they had never made her wear such a dress. Meanwhile, the mystery for Wolf, the most loved by the public, Cat, Teddy Bear, Parrot, Butterfly.

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Last updated: Saturday 13 February 2021, 10:05



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