The Masked Singer fans are disappointed having guessed the identity of the first celeb

Many of The Masked Singer’s viewers rightly suspected that alien Sophie Ellis was Bextor, and some felt a little disappointed with how “obvious” the first celebrity had been

The Masked Singer left fans craving for more after the first episode on Saturday night after it was revealed that Alien was singer Sophie Ellis Bextor.

Alien lost to Robin in the singles, and the panel decided to expose Alien when Sophie’s identity was revealed.

However, fans had already suspected it was her and said it was “obvious” and a “dead gift”.

“How did you not get that Alien Sophie Ellis was Bextor?” asked one. “The voice was a dead gift.”

Another wrote: “Should we believe that all the judges are so tight that they didn’t get Sophie Ellis Bextor? It was obvious. I got it in seconds before they even sang. “

A third said: “I knew immediately that it was Sophie Ellis Bextor!”

While another added, “The fact that none of the judges knew it was Sophie Ellis Bextor makes me think they are cops with scripts.

Apart from the similarities in the voice, many viewers correctly found out Sophie’s identity from the clues.

There was a crime scene in her introductory video that references her hit Murder on the Dancefloor.

There was also a shot of a wedding dress she wore in the music video for Get Over You.

Alien also referred to a battle in her introduction, and Sophie explained that this was because she had a cameo in a huge battle scene in Game of Thrones.

And on top of that, there was a direct name for their 2007 album Trip The Light Fantastic.

The other two at-risk characters in the bottom three were Badger and Swan.

Meanwhile, Dragon, Robin and Sausage sailed through to the next round after winning studio audience votes in their sing-offs.

So far there have been a number of guessworks for the other characters, with viewers having already made up their minds.

Many believe Robin is JLS singer Aston Merrygold while they think sausage is Billie Piper.

Names suggested for Swan include Pussycat Dolls stars Kimberly Wyatt or Ashley Roberts, as well as Michelle Visage.

People think Dragon could be the Drag Queen Courtney Act too, and even the judges aren’t sure if they’re hearing a male or female voice.

Did you think the alien was Sophie? Let us know in the comments below!


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