The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5: Filming begins, the first images unveiled

Nikola Lozina soon in Les Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5, he is asking questions about his new team. And it’s finally D-Day for the W9 candidates: the competition begins! After spending several days at the hotel, the two families will finally be able to discover each other. And the producer of the show did not fail to film the very first images of the shooting of the Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5 on Instagram. He also took the opportunity to unveil the villa of the candidates. And it’s pretty good! The proof, just above, where you will be able to discover his Instagram story.

The people of Marseilles
The people of Marseilles

As you could see, it is Catalia who will be at the presentation of the Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5. And the former Marseillais booker is already in place to welcome the two teams for the opening ceremony. This is where the Marseillais family will be able to meet the opposing team … If they already know Nikola Lozina and Milla Jasmine well, they will surely get to know new candidates. Moreover, Julien Tanti has just revealed the problems he intended to do between the participants of the Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5 and it will explode!


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