The marriage of two foundations

Rheda-Wiedenbrück (gl) – Getting even stronger together: Especially in difficult times, this is a recipe for doing good for people. Therefore, the regional cultural foundation is now being merged with the community foundation.

Since both institutions are active in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, this should achieve even more impact. The regional cultural foundation was founded in 1995 by Volksbank Rheda-Wiedenbrück, the city and the companies Garant-Möbel-Service, Infloor Tufting, Prophete and Steinel. It sponsored outstanding cultural events and art prizes, and also supported young creative people and committed people in their activities. “We look back on 25 years of very successful work,” says CEO Michael Deitert. “Now we are pleased that our concerns have found a new home in the community foundation and that they will be continued.”

The capital of around 230,000 euros and a sum of 40,000 euros from the current budget will be transferred. Berthold Lönne was involved in establishing both foundations. He too is committed to the merger: “If you have a common concern, then it makes sense to join forces. We live in a beautiful city – but here too there is a lot to do to support people especially in these times and to expand access to art and culture. ”

He welcomes the fact that Michael Deitert will be active in the council of the community foundation in the future and that the cooperation is thus further secured. Bernd Jostkleigrewe, the former curator of the regional cultural foundation, is also active in the community foundation. Bettina Windau from the board of the community foundation points out that the purposes of the two institutions as well as the regional connection are closely related.

The decision that has now been made shows great confidence in the operational work of the organization that is now taking over the legal succession. “The funds that have flowed in bring more flexibility and will enable the focus on culture to be expanded further in the years to come.” The community foundation was founded in 2006. She is committed to young people, families, education and living together in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. It implements fixed projects such as the education fund, the parent school and the opportunities portal, supports people in need and promotes projects on request. The promotion of art, culture and the preservation of monuments are also named as foundation purposes.



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