The market leader in photovoltaic micro-installations will introduce a new product

Columbus Energy, whose business has so far been based on the sale of photovoltaic micro-installations, has recently announced that it will offer prosumers also energy storage and heat pumps, and now the company is expanding its offer with another product related to building energy independence electric car charging stations.

At the beginning of August, Columbus Energy announced the expansion of its offer for prosumers by introducing energy storage and heat pumps.

In the first case, Columbus is to offer Pylontech battery energy storage with a capacity of up to 14.2 kWh, based on LFP technology, with a warranty of 6,000. charging cycles, which – according to Columbus – should be enough for 30-40 years of use. Energy storage facilities are to have a backup function, responding to a power outage in just 40 milliseconds. Battery energy storage is to be offered together with Solis hybrid inverters.

At the same time, Columbus Energy is to introduce to its offer heat pumps of the Swedish brand NIBE with a guaranteed subsidy of at least PLN 14,100 from the Clean Air program. At the same time, Columbus is to offer the price of the device up-front less the subsidy.

Now, the company led by Dawid Zieliński introduces another product that complements the current offer of photovoltaic micro-installations.

On Friday evening, during an event called Columbus Day, the company presented its line of chargers for electric cars – from 2 x 22 kW AC slow charging technology, to 30 kW and 60 kW DC charging, to a 360 kW super fast charger with a distributed point system. charging connected together.

– We are starting the sale of chargers for business – from the most accessible ones for low power connections, to hubs with a super-fast 360 kW charger. What is an advantage in our offer is, above all, the possibility of purchasing a 50/50 system with Columbus. Anyone who believes that it is worth having an electric vehicle charger in their facility can start a cooperation with us, in which Columbus covers half of the cost of the system. We also share profits equally. Of course, all our systems will be equipped with NEXITY software, which will provide charger access for public use – said Dawid Zieliński during the meeting.

During Columbus Day, Dawid Zieliński also presented new directions of the Group’s development.

– Today we are changing the company name from Columbus Energy simply to Columbus. We all in the organization feel that this company will be present not only in the energy sector; we have much more ambitious plans, which we will form with a new strategy in the middle of next year. We want to give people and companies access to the future through the products and services we provide. Today, we are present in the distributed photovoltaic sector, we are strongly developing the portfolio of photovoltaic farms, i.e. we accumulate assets from which we will be able to provide energy to customers Dawid Zieliński assured.

– We have also invested in Saule Technologies, i.e. in perovskites, and in Nexity Global, i.e. in electromobility. It all points to the direction we are taking, and the continuous improvement of products and services is part of our DNA. Today, for the first time, we presented an automatic fire extinguishing system for electrical boxes used in photovoltaic installations, for which we have exclusivity in Europe. Together with the frame that improves the aesthetics of the installation, we improve the safety of its use President Zieliński said.

During Columbus Day it was also announced that one of the Group’s companies – Columbus Elite SA will soon enter the stock exchange through a listed entity Blumerang Investors S.A.

– Together with Columbus, we have decided to acquire a controlling stake in Blumerang, as a result of which Columbus Elite SA will transfer 100% of shares to Columbus Elite Global SA (currently Blumerang Investors). It will be an issue of new shares. At the same time, we assume further aggregation of sales forces from other industries and consolidation of the market of professional partners for the sale of RES products and services – comments Paweł Bednarek, president of Columbus Elite SA

– We are glad that after the first, dynamic year of cooperation with Anioł Biznesu January Ciszewski and Dawid Zieliński and the Columbus Energy company, we were able to implement another well-thought-out and potential development investment – adds Rafał Kołłątaj, vice president of Columbus Elite. ARE

Moving Columbus Elite to the public company space is a big step for this rapidly growing organization. It is also another engine that will drive its development through transparency, openness and the added value of working to build solid assets. Columbus Elite will soon present a strategy that, in my opinion, can turn into a spectacular success – comments Dawid Zieliński

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