The March of Solidarity, part of Rennes, will stop at Nogent-le-Rotrou and Chartres

In Nogent-le-Rotrou, a collective made up of trade unionists, association activists and committed citizens was formed to welcome and accommodate the walkers. They demand the regularization of all undocumented people, the closure of administrative detention centers and housing for all.

Mathieu, one of the members of the collective, explains:

“Locally, many Nogentais and Percherons responded to our call and will be present on Monday to support the marchers and their demands. Some will leave from La Chapelle-Souëf in the Orne to walk with them to Nogent-le-Rotrou. Others will accompany them to Chartres, and even to Paris. We are committed to welcoming them and are eager to meet them to discuss with them ”

Mathieu (Member of the collective)

He continues: “This march is made to get out of anonymity. It is a little like the Tour de France of the sans-papiers which ends in Paris and it is important to mobilize to support strong things like this. We cannot refuse equal rights on the pretexts of nationality, origin, skin color because otherwise, it is an open door to racism and violence. Undocumented workers are our colleagues, our neighbors, our friends, they participate in the economic, social and cultural wealth in our neighborhoods, our cities and our countryside ”.

In Nogent-le-Rotrou, the arrival of the walkers is expected around 5 p.m., on the Place de la Gare. The procession will then go to Place Saint-Pol, in the city center, for a large gathering at 6 p.m. A solidarity evening will extend the day in the Simone-Signoret room. “It will be an opportunity to get together to share a meal and discuss. Local market gardeners will bring vegetables. Disco Soup, a solidarity and festive movement that uses unsold vegetables to raise awareness of food waste, will cook a giant soup. The collective announces the participation of many artists including the batucada de Bellême, the Bretoncelles fanfare, Les Têtes de Piaf, Marie Pétrolette …

A national march
At the call of 20 collectives of Sans-Papiers, the March of Solidarity, the States General of Migration and more than 230 organizations, undocumented migrants have been marching since September 19 from the four corners of France to reach Paris in a big demonstration on Saturday 17th October.


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