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From accents, gastronomic tastes to preference for some political parties, each autonomous community of Spain has their own clichés and topics that, whether they have much or little to do with reality, have remained in memory and in the popular imagination as something characteristic of that region. From the sun, the terms for beers, the darkest character of the north or the link between the Castiles and the Community of Madrid, a user has dedicated himself to compiling the most characteristic topics of each corner of the Iberian Peninsula.

in the purest style Atlas Prejudice, a portal dedicated to drawing maps that caricature the different cultures in European countries, by means of colored lines and areas, in this case the list includes maps of different Spanish regions, each one designed by different users. From Galicia to Castilla-La Mancha, passing through Andalusia, the Community of Madrid, the Valencian Community or Asturias, no one escapes the jokes about pollution or the inability to build a human tower.


Starting precisely with the most topical region after the electoral campaign and the historic victory of the Popular Party on June 19, the topics range, precisely, from voting preference to accent. One of them is the famous seseo, which is attributed mainly to Córdoba and parts of Seville, while the rest of the region appears marked by the lisp, with the exception of Cádiz, where the map ensures that the lisp coexists with the seseo.

In the same way, the autonomous community is divided between the defenders of Cruzcampo beer (Seville, Cádiz and Huelva), of the direct detractors. Similarly, he points to Seville, Malaga and Granada as cities where they do not “drive so badly”, while he qualifies the rest of the provinces as “carmaggedon”, alluding to an alleged general bad driving.

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