The manufacturer and the aviation authority may be responsible for the Boeing 737 MAX crash, the congress commission said

According to a 238-page report, Boeing preferred profit to safety and put too much pressure on employees to get the type done quickly and compete with Airbus. However, according to the report, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also failed – not only did it leave part of the certification process to the manufacturer, but its conditions allowed the aircraft to be approved with design errors.

“The Max crash was not the result of a single failure, technical error or mismanagement,” the report said, but “a threatening culmination of a series of erroneous technical assumptions by Boeing engineers, lack of transparency in Boeing management and insufficient FAA oversight.”

The report does not bring much new except that FAA regulations were inadequate, said commission chairman Peter DeFazio, according to the NPR website: “Both the FAA and Boeing have concluded that certification is fully compliant with FAA requirements. The problem is, he did, but he wasn’t safe and people died. “According to DeFazio, this is” clear evidence that the current regulatory system is distorted from the ground up and needs to be remedied. “” It’s a tragedy that should never have happened. It could have been prevented, “added DeFazio.

But the Commission is criticized for not being partisan and with only Democrats. Some Republican politicians have called the document party and exaggerated.

The commission’s conclusions, which appeared in the preliminary report, were not changed by Michael Teal and Keith Leverkuhn, two senior executives of the company who oversaw the development of the 737 MAX version and who defended the company’s progress before it. They said that after the first fatal accident in Indonesia, the MCAS automatic flight alignment system should have been modified to take data from two sensors rather than one, but the adjustment could not be made and a second Boeing 737 MAX crashed in Ethiopia last March. when the MCAS used the data from the malfunctioning sensor again.

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