The man who was rumored to be having an affair with Desiree is Polished

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Calvino Samudera, the man in the photo together Desiree Tarigan ever shown Hotma Sitompul in front of the media reported to Polda Metro Jaya.

Calvino was reported with his sister, Calvina Samudra, regarding the alleged fraud and embezzlement on Thursday (8/4).

The name Calvino itself is in the middle of a conversation after Hotma showed Desiree photos of togetherness with the man. Desiree herself felt that Hotma had accused her of cheating on her by showing the photo.

However, Hotma denied that he claimed the man was Desiree’s affair.

Siti Farhani Djamal as the victim’s attorney said that his client and Calvino were involved in a business collaboration.

“As a business consultant, he is promising in terms of company management, in terms of finance, human resources, he is able to take care of it,” said Siti at Polda Metro Jaya, Thursday (8/4).

Siti explained that in the cooperation contract, Calvino was entrusted with managing the victim’s beauty equipment business. The cooperation promises a profit of up to Rp1 billion.

On his way, the victim then paid IDR 280 million as a fee for consulting services with a contract from 12 October 2020 to 12 April 2021.

Siti said that between his client and Calvino a contract had also been signed. In addition, there is also evidence of payment of hundreds of millions of money from the victim to Calvino.

However, said Siti, after everything was done, in January 2021, Calvino actually disappeared and could not be contacted by the victim.

“Then I asked for his accountability, he did not have good faith. Until yesterday I gave a deadline, if he does not have good intentions, I will try the law,” said Siti.

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Siti said that because Calvino had never had any good intentions to solve the problem, his client finally decided to take legal action.

“We ask for justice regarding job accountability. How, as he promised at the beginning, he promised a turnover of Rp1 billion per month,” said Siti.

This report was received by Polda Metro Jaya under the number LP / 1869 / IV / YAN.2.5 / 2021 / SPKT PMJ on April 8, 2021.

The reporting party was Siti Farhani Djama as the victim’s lawyer. Meanwhile, the reported parties were Calvino Samudra and Calvina Samudera.

The articles reported are Article 378 of the Criminal Code on fraud and Article 372 of the Criminal Code on fraud.

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